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2005 Bagel To Beer Marathon
Columbia, MD to Savage, MD

For the past three years a number of Striders and other "lovers of the long distance" have participated in an "unofficial" marathon" called the Bagel 2 Beer (82B). If you have noticed yellow arrows on the paths around Columbia you have been on the course!

The inspiration for this marathon derived from the Masochist Marathon which was held from 1989-1992 (run on the old Bagel Run course in Western Howard County), and the Bagel to Bagel to Bagel, a run from the Bagel Bin in the Enchanted Forest Shopping Center to the Bagel Bins in Wilde Lake Village and then on to the one in Kings Contrivance.

Even though this year was an exception (we had a shirt to honor the six four-time finishers), the mission of the race is to run a marathon for all the right reasons - no shirt. no entry fee, no medal, minimal aid. some markings (ok, more than "some"), and a post- race party on the deck at the Ram's Head Tavern in Savage Mill (the finish line). We run it "for the love!" Finishers do receive a finisher's certificate.

This year we had close to 50 starters at 6:30 AM at the parking lot in Wilde Lake Village (the B2B started at the same place as the Bagel Run— just so the participants didn't have to think about where to begin). Most of the starters ran a portion of the course as a trainer for upcoming races (the 20 mile mark is on the path next to Lake Elkhorn)

Amazingly, this year we had 20 finishers! Last year 13 finished, and only 7 the first year. We also encouraged biker participation, The course was:

Howard Community College
Hickory Ridge
Hobbits Glen
Wilde Lake
Thunder Hill
Jeffers Hill
Lake Elkhorn
Kings Contrivance

This year's finishers were:

Greg Hogan3:52
Tacy Feliciano3:52
Ed Lugo3:53
George Olean3:55
Julie Thienel*3:55
Heide Splete*4:02
Becky Ramsing4:04
Steve Thienel*4:05
Dave Karlheim4:10
Karen Harvey4:26
Laura Cadiz4:26
Tom Green4:26
Len Guralnick4:39
Tom Brown*4:44
Steve Henning*4:57
Eric Katkow*5:01
Steve McGovern5:01
Jun Ahn5:36
Paul Goldenberg5:50
Al Biegel6:20

Asterisk (*) denotes 4-time B2B finisher

Next year's Bagel 2 Beer Edition V is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 16, 2006. You may want to mark your calendar. Rumor has it that the course, which has been famous for some uphills, may be "altered" a tad to include an experience of the River Hill community of Columbia.

Finally, the event committee would like to extend a personal thank you to the three anonymous donors who Covered the expense of the B2B shirts this year.