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2007 Bagel To Beer Marathon
Columbia, MD to Savage, MD

Tom Brown, GMR

The Sixth Annual B2B Marathon began at 6:36 AM on Saturday, September 15. Runners who had completed all previous (5) B2B marathons were acknowledged before the start. Unfortunately, two of the six would not be finishing this year; bringing the total down to four (we did the math for you).

But, proving that running is its own reward (there are no cheering crowds, shirts, or finisher's medals), 45 runners toed the starting line at Wilde Lake Village (same starting line as the Bagel Runs). It was misty, 63F and 100% humidity.

The B2B has had its own run of luck - bad luck (hurricanes/blacked-out directional arrows/lost runners/poison ivy). This year was no different. The cooler that contained the first water stop's supply of aid was "borrowed." If anyone finds a cooler with lots of water bottles in it, please return it to Julie and Steve Thienel. Thank goodness the Ramsings volunteered to add a water stop at the 10K mark this year, or we would have had some "parched" B2Bers.

After passing through the Swansfield paths and up by Hobbits Glen (our directional arrows were once again "blackened out") the runners got to the third water stop on Harpers Farm Road (right before Rt. 108) "adopted" by the Browns and Michelottis. The wind had picked up, the humidity had fallen, and it was a beautiful running day - if you were running 10 miles. If you were doing the entire B2B, 18.1 more were ahead. We also gained a few runners who jumped in at the 6-mile mark. The B2B encourages any and all who wish to do a "Rosie," among other things.

Behind the Athletic Center, past Wilde Lake and onto Lakefront, the Hollis family provided the fourth aid station at the 12 mile mark which was the parking lot at the Rouse Building. Then, it was over Rt. 29 using the pedestrian bridge and up to Phelps Luck via the Thunderhill paths. The Hatfields provided the fifth aid station at mile 15. Then it was onto High Tor Hill and onto the paths down to Lake Elkhorn. This year, due to Jackson Pond having renovations, the B2B course detoured to the east of the pond (change is difficult for some of our more "seasoned" runners, but they dealt with it).

Coming to Lake Elkhorn means two things to B2B Marathon runners: you've got another 10K to the finish and the Toler Oasis at mile 19.7!!! Rusty had lots of treats this year out by the bench, which saved us the 20- foot walk to his back patio!

The dock at Lake Elkhorn is exactly 20.0 miles. And, since we had so many wearing very advanced GPS devices, we have been held to a higher standard (which is tough for the B2B Race Committee). So, it was onto the trestle bridge just off Guilford Ed, the seventh and final water stop manned by the Perraud and May families. This aid station featured a tablecloth and folding lounge chairs (temptation!!) as well as the usual treats (is it possible to OD on Snickers bars?)

With 3.75 miles to the finish the runners could sense the excitement that is running into Savage! The real "test" of the spirit is exiting Savage Park, knowing the finish line is .25 miles away, but then having to loop down thru town, almost to Rt. 1, for an additional mile. Behind Savage Mill, in the shadow of the Rams Head Tavern outdoor deck, the cheering family member(s) and previous finishers (who were not up "re- hydrating") cheered us on to the base of the rear deck steps. With the finish line being the top landing of the rear deck, the runners climbed the last little bit of torture (have you seen how high that deck is?) to their final reward; a B2B finisher's certificate and the knowledge that they have joined the select few who can say, "I have finished the Bagel2Beer Marathon!!!"

A special thanks goes out to Rick Hatfield who marked the entire B2B course for the last few weeks. He also went out at 5:00 AM the morning of the race, rode the course before the runners passed thru, and re-marked blacked- out arrows.

A number of previous finishers joined us on the Rams Head Tavern deck for some food and beverage. The post-race deck party continued in the B2B tradition. Two of our 24 finishers (most finishers ever!) ran their first marathon ever! Why would anyone run the B2B as their first? Is it the course? Could it be the aid stations? Maybe it's the amenities? The aid stations are great, but sometimes get stolen. The amenities are nonexistent. It must be the "love" (or the lack of an entry fee!!!)

Congratulations to Heide Splete, Tom Brown, and Julie and Steve Thienel - they have finished all six Bagel2Beer Marathons.


Yasuo Oda3:45
Julie Thienel*3:48
Lenore Studt3:48
Greg Hogan3:48
Tasha Clearman3:51
George Olean3:52
Heide Splete*4:00
Joe Hanle4:00
Paul Bunting4:00
Joe Sating4:14 (first marathon)
Michelle Gerwood4:14 (first marathon)
Milessa Simmens4:14
Jesse Leitner4:14
Jim Knost4:17
Tim Metz4:17
Tom Brown*4:25
Steve Thienel*4:37
Mike Kreft4:37
Todd Pearsall4:45
Carlos Castrillon4:45
Bob Hollis4:50
Judith Weber4:50
Gregory Wilkins5:22
John Wheatland5:22