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2011 Bagel To Beer Marathon
Saturday September 24, 2011 @ 6:30AM
Columbia, MD to Savage, MD

On the morning of Saturday, September 24, a group of 50 or so intrepid runners started out in the pre-dawn darkness from Wilde Lake Swim Center and meandered about 26 miles along the bike paths of Columbia to points south until they reached the back deck of the Ram’s Head Tavern in Savage. Some of them dropped off, while other may have joined the group en route. Getting lost was part of the adventure, but former B2B director Tom Brown said the new organizers marked the course too well. "Nobody got lost," he said. And there were no hurricanes to barricade the course with trees and floods.

Along the course, the marathoners treated themselves to lavishly-supplied stops that featured candy, Gatorade, and jello shots, the last treat coming after crossing Volmerhausen Road at 24 miles. Of course, some did not actually run the entire 26 miles.

Steve Anderson and Julia Skinner ran half way and biked the other half.

The finish line is at the top of the "Last 38 Steps" that climb to the rear deck of the Tavern. Some people had to pull themselves up with their arms.

Once they arrived, however, all finishers got to break the tape ... made of toilet paper. Finishers received golden bagel awards - a real bagel spray- painted gold.


1.Greg Hogan3:32:37
2.Lenny Supsic3:33:57
3Allan Gross3:38:91
4.Travis Warren3:39:29
5.Nikalas Harvan-Matoshich3:41:01
6.Rob Netherton3:45:02
7.Fred Towner3:50:15
8.Carlos Castrillion3:53:51
9.Jen Atkinson3:57:47 (1st Female)
10.Dave Orlik3:58:25
11.Steve Turner3:58:31
12.Daniel Kirk-Davidoff4:01:51
13.Yasuo Oda4:03:43
14.Hazel Chase4:05:12
15.Akintunde Morakinyo4:05:13
16.Steve Thienel4:08:48
17.George Olean4:08:52
18.Jim Cole4:12:07
19.Jim Grover4:20:01
20.Aleah Zinalabedini4:31:32
21.Greg Lepore4:32:51
22.Joe Hanle4:33:52
23.Jaret Seiberg4:43:09
24.Kerry Owens4:43:20
25.Doug Sullivan4:43:21
26.Glenda Rodriguez4:54:21
27.Mike Kreft5:05:56
28.Becky Holtz5:11:13
29.Judith Weber5:23:23
30.Eric Katkow5:56:31
31.John Wheatland5:56:42
32.Bill Sciannella6:04:58
33.Duane Linsenbardt6:04:58
34.Gregory Wilkins6:08:17