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2012 Bagel To Beer Marathon
Saturday September 22, 2012 @ 6:45AM
Columbia, MD to Savage, MD

Originated by Howard County Strider Tom Brown and friends in 2002 as a low key local race, the B2B starts at the Bagel Bin in Wilde Lake and finishes on the outside deck of the Ram's Head Tavern in Savage, MD. The race's motto says it all: "No Fee, No Medal, No Fundraising and No Whining." Aid stations are manned by friends of Tom and various families living on the course.

The race culminates with an outdoor deck party at Ram's Head Tavern. Beginning in 2011, Tom and friends abdicated operations and transferred the race to the Hero Friends running group. Hero Friends is comprised of about 50 local runners and Strider members including Dwight Mikulis, Greg Lepore and Hafiz Shaikh, Bromley Lowe, and John Bratiotis, who are the nominal race directors. They will strive to keep this race as laid back and enjoyable as Tom Brown and friends have over the past decade.

This year Adam Wytko finished first and may be (we're not sure) the only person ever to break three hours in the B2B Festival. He didn't get lost, that's for sure. Amanda An had nothing better to do on Saturday morning, so she was the first woman to finish. Official history and past results for all the B2B Classics can be found at www. bagel2beer.org.

1ST MALE - Adam Wytko 2:58:16
1ST FEMALE - Amanda An 3:56:55
1.Adam Wytko2:58:16
2.Jeremy Rea3:01:09
3.Karsten Brown3:03:15
4.Michael Mbugi3:26:41
5.Akintunde Morakinyo3:26:43
6.Ken Crandel3:29:33
7.Allan Gross3:29:42
8.Tim McGee3:35:00
9.Fred Towner3:35:22
10.Carlos Castrillon3:44:44
11.Donnie Chapman3:44:47
12.Nikalas Harvan-Matosich3:47:06
13.Gabriel Jimenez3:47:09
14.Mark Wenson3:47:41
15.Bob Alexander3:47:45
16.Philip Rupp3:53:22
17.Amanda An3:56:55
18.Clint Edwards3:58:30
19.Robert Burton3:58:31
20.Chad Burger4:09:29
21.Matt Goode4:10:10
22.Greg Lepore4:14:28
23.George Olean4:17:12
24.Jim Grover4:21:39
25.Jim Cole4:22:22
26.George Kroeker4:30:01
27.Heidi Splete4:30:14
28.Steve Thienel4:30:19
29.Joe Hargadon4:43:18
30.Judith Weber4:45:07
31.Jimmy Hessler4:45:34
32.Stephen Mang4:47:05
33.Terry Griffith4:51:09
34.Nelson Stritehoff5:14:51
35.Mike Kreft5:58:14
36.John Wheatland5:59:03
37.Gregory Wilkins5:59:05
38.Gloria ShepherdFinished